Friday, 19 November 2010

Real Eyes,

is the title of my final year film. 
I'll be posting the progress of my film from now on, I'm so excited about it!!

Sunday, 7 November 2010


short film I did the camera work for in 2009. A 1930's style gangster film, centered around an assassin and a powerful gang member.

A Small Fright

Another short experiemental piece. About a guy rushing home to find his family, but when he arrives there is no-one to be found, only a bath full of blood. A second part to this is possibly on the cards.

A Little Experiment,

As you can tell Joker was the theme for this very short film piece. Just a small idea of him slowly getting frustrated in his tiny cell at Arkham Asylum. 


This is my gorgeous cocker-spaniel dog called Sam.

Knaresbrough 2008

My favourite photograph out of the collection.

When I Explored

St Andrews Quay in Hull. The first time I'd ever been in an actual derelict building. Most thrilling experience of my life!

Autumn 2007

Some photos I took in autumn 2007.