Sunday, 22 May 2011

bless this beautiful bird,

I was at Walton Street car boot sale today and I purchased this authentic 1930's/40's hat for £2. As soon as I saw the pretty feathers I instantly thought YES! your mine! 
However, through closer inspection walking around the car boot I discover that the amazing feathers are still attached to the poor bird :(!! I wouldn't have bought this hat if I knew! Despite the bird it is a beautiful hat, but I will NOT be wearing this out anywhere anytime soon. I only posted these photos to show you how beautiful it is, I will be selling it on very shortly. 

The style of the hat has definitely given me some feather inspiration.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Real Eyes Office Set,

These are a few photos from the office set that I designed for my film Real Eyes. 

 I wanted to convey the feeling of claustrophobia in this office set which is why I designed it to be so small, but just big enough to fit in the office furniture essentials. As well as being cramped and uncomfortable, I think it's successful in withholding an ordered and organised work place too.
My cinematographer Tom Lee was amazing at lighting it, it looks better than I how imagined it! I'm really proud of it! :)
The film Brazil was a huge influence in this small set. As you will recognise if you have seen it.

This is my film's Facebook page, check it out it has more details about the film and you can see a lot more screen shots. I will no doubt post the rest of the screen shots up here too, it'll just take me a little while. I have a lot of work to get through. Let me know what you think. 

Some photos on film,

I favour film photography to digital. I haven't used film that much since I got my digital SLR but when I do use a film, I seem to savour it and think about the photograph in more depth rather than it just being a click of a button on a digital camera. 
Digital is much more simple and I love it for that, but you can't beat the look of film photography I absolutely love it. If only developing films was cheaper I'd have a room full of photographs like these by now. 
These few photos are from when I first started to learn about photography, a whole 5 years ago.  

An armchair in thorns.

A fridge in thorns.

A French lock.

Man & girl on the ferry.

A French statue.

A French Harbour.

South of France - Ardeche.

Ardeche adventure holiday. 

Monday, 4 April 2011

Vintage camera & flash

I still haven't had chance to buy the flash bulb for it. Note to self - buy one ready for summer time! I bought this from an awesome vintage photography shop in Hornsea.
Here's the link to it's website. It's jam packed full of old, cheap cameras, stills cameras & film cameras!

Last summer

I took these photos on an amazing hot day around East Hull. I got lost for a few hours, but I had some great photo opportunities. This summer, I hope to get alot more photography, I can't wait :)! 

France last year

My trip to France last year was awesome. These are just a few of my favourite photos that I took while I was there :)