Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Some photos on film,

I favour film photography to digital. I haven't used film that much since I got my digital SLR but when I do use a film, I seem to savour it and think about the photograph in more depth rather than it just being a click of a button on a digital camera. 
Digital is much more simple and I love it for that, but you can't beat the look of film photography I absolutely love it. If only developing films was cheaper I'd have a room full of photographs like these by now. 
These few photos are from when I first started to learn about photography, a whole 5 years ago.  

An armchair in thorns.

A fridge in thorns.

A French lock.

Man & girl on the ferry.

A French statue.

A French Harbour.

South of France - Ardeche.

Ardeche adventure holiday. 

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